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At the beginning of last century the first machine shop was established at Chanioporta of Heraklion City by Choumerianos family. Using basic means and tools the family undertook the repair of boats that anchored at Heraklion port and required mechanical interventions in order to continue their trip. Long time before electricity reached the villages of Crete by The Greek Electricity Company, Choumerianos family built and placed generators in order to cover the needs of people living at villages. The family also constructed olive oil extractors and other machinery used in agriculture.

In 1970 the activities were broadened by Miltos, 3rd generation child and the beginning of 2000 by his son Alexandros. Today the company designs and constructs energy saving and environment preservation machinery.

The idea for the creation of an exhibition originated from the love of the youngest family members for the construction of energy saving and environment preservation machinery in combination with the contemporary advancements that requires a sensitized public- especially youngest in issues related to environment and its preservation as well as the dissemination of technological civilization.

The exhibits comprise machinery that works with biomass (Biomass steam boiler, Biomass Burner, Biomass Pasteurizer, Traditional Biomass Burning Oven for home use, Traditional Biomass Burning Oven for bakeries, “Raki” Distillery, Essential Oil Distillery).

A 3 in 1 Alternative Energy Sources Panel (Solar Panel, Wind Generator, Fuel Cell Hydrogen Power is also presented). For our little friends we have a variety of educational toys related to renewable energy sources, by the biggest toy companies worldwide for presentation. Working steam engines and automobiles, wing generators, solar panels, fuel cell cars and other toys.


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