Visit our educational Exhibition Energy Environment

23 September 2015

Exhibition Energy Environment
Exhibition Energy Environment

The visits and activities when staying at Villa Kreta are endless. While staying at our villas though do not miss the opportunity to take a guided tour at the educational exhibition of our family in Heraklion, and get informed about renewable energy sources and the positive effects of their use on the environment.
The educational exhibition ENERGY-ENVIRONMENT was established in 2010 by Miltos Choumerianos family. The motivation emerged from the long time experience in machinery design and construction and the awareness about environmental issues.

As a grandchild and child of machinery mmanufacturers, Miltos Choumerianos who was born after 2nd World War, grew at his grandfather’s machinery shop that was located at the area of Chanioporta in Heraklion since 1910. Using the basic available means they tried to cover the needs of the island and they constructed olive oil extractors as well as other machinery used in agriculture, and they repaired boats that anchored at Heraklion port and required mechanical interventions. The machinery shop was destroyed during the war by German soldiers, as they were afraid that the technical knowledge of the family was threat to them. The family was forced to obligatory work at the area of Talos.
When the War ended all the war materials remained at the area for many years. These materials were used by the family who started a new machinery shop close by.

The inventory mind of Miltos Choumerianos was a result of his childhood need to create things with having just a few materials. In the 1970s when he completed his studies he started his own business and since then he continues the machinery construction with his older son Alexandros. Alexandros, just like his father grew in and environment full of metals and machines and he observed every patent since he was a child. He is a member of the family business since 2002 when he completed his studies in Business and Management Administration in Glasgow.

The idea for the creation of an educational site, which could work for the dissemination of knowledge and experience, had Miltos’ Choumerianos children Alexandros and Despoina (Dr of Molecular Biology) when they became active members of the family business. They attended international exhibitions, visited technology and science museums in European cities, they looked for the latest products in energy production and their potentials, designed and constructed machines with their father’s valuable help and in 2010 created the first educational exhibition ENERGY-ENVIRONMENT in Heraklion.

At the exhibition guests have the opportunity to understand that there is a close relationship between the production and the supply of energy and the human standard of living, through real working exhibits but also by putting to work small educational models. The educational programmes that take place at the exhibition bring out new technologies, promote the dissemination of knowledge and emphasize that the production-supply-use of energy with reasonable economical and environmental means is very important for sustainability.

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