From Mou to mmmmm and from milk to ice cream

23 September 2015

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

It’s been a very long time since Stella prepared her very first ice cream. It all started at Villa Kreta unit in which we kept a cow, sheep and goats when we opened. We used to milk the animals often with the help of our guests and most of the times we made cheese.

Stella had a small ice cream maker in her kitchen and she tried to make white milk based ice cream in which she only added sugar and salep. And that’s how it all started. She made the ice cream the old way with no readymade mixes, additives, artificial ingredients, cream, eggs etc…just milk sugar and salep and from time to time chocolate, nuts, fruits or some caramel.

In 2010 her recipes were adapted to nutritional standards by her daughter Despoina (Molecular Biologist , PhD in Science of Dietetics and Nutrition) and she opened a shop at Heraklion city.

Since 2010 our visitors at Villa Kreta have the opportunity to taste the best ice cream in town, visit the shop “Pagoto apo ti Stella” (Ice Cream by Stella) and learn how real and healthy ice cream may be produced. Looking forward to share with you to the little secrets of ice cream! Visit our website

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